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Gen Z Media

Empowering through Creation

Gen Z Media creates and promotes educational content (mainly in the medium of digital graphic novels) for both English and Chinese-speaking audiences.


Our Story

The founders personally experienced how investoon has changed theirs and their families' lives when it comes to promoting financial literacy and learning about investing. Comic book, or manga, is a great way to learn a difficult subject because the format is easier and more accessible. As opposed to written reports, manga engages the reader directly and visually with pictures.

If you want to also teach a subject that is difficult to convey, especially to the next generation, check in with us and we will be glad to share our expertise.


Andrew HILL, Co-Founder


“Once we heard the statement, “You can change the world with Manga!” we got very excited. We could see that the power of Manga was practical for educating people about social issues in a fun and in-depth way. The problem was that we had no idea where even to start the process. Then, Gen Z met with us and helped in every aspect of making our project come to exist. From the beginning stages of finding an artist to supplying platforms and much more, they were with us for every step. 
Making Manga can be a complicated process like producing any art, but Gen Z made it fun and a grand adventure. We love working with Gen Z and hope to continue working with them for the year to come.”
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