Next Gen Investors Achieves Finalist Status of The Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards 2022

Next Gen Investors Achieves Finalist Status of The Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards 2022

We are very pleased to announce that Next Gen Investors has reached the final of TheMoney Awareness and Inclusion Awards, or “the MAIAs” for 2022, in theBest Non-Profit for School-Age category.

Michael Gilmore, founder of the MAIAs, said:“We received 150 high-quality entries from all over the world for these inaugural awards, and so for Next Gen Investors to reach this finalist stage is an impressive achievement. Our judging panel includes academics, influencers, fin- tech entrepreneurs, and journalists, all of whom care deeply that financial literacy spreads faster across the world, to reduce inequalities and encourage advancement. The finalists they have selected are some of the best financial literacy projects in the world.”

The 2022 MAIA finalists come from more than 15 different countries across the globe, from Peru to Malaysia, from Finland to Ghana, and show the incredible range of work being done by people and organisations to help spread financial understanding.

  • from university-developed courses to YouTube cartoons made by a teenager;

  • from ground-breaking academic research to a global anti-scam initiative;

  • from the latest apps to a good old-fashioned, real-world museum.

  • The 2022 winners of the MAIAs will be announced via a livestream award show on LinkedIn on May 31. Follow the MAIAs on social media or subscribe for free on our website for the latest details and to see if Next Gen Investors wins!

  • About the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards

  • Conceived to 'Make Money Better', the MAIAs is a new entity focused on raising awareness of the many problems poor financial literacy causes, while also finding the best solutions from all over the world - and shining a light on them via a high-profile awards system judged by leading academics, NGOs, journalists, influencers, and asset managers.

  • The MAIAs are truly grateful for the support of their 2022 sponsors: Lanturn, a boutique fintech firm specialising in corporate and fund services; Endowus, a Singapore headquartered digital wealth platform; Bitmex Academy, a multimedia crypto education platform, The Fry Group, an international tax and financial advisory organisation and Albizia Capital, a boutique fund manager.

About Next Gen Investors Endowment

Next Gen Investors Endowment Ltd. is a Singapore-incorporated non-profit organization that actively promotes investor education for our next generation. The Endowment operates the Gen Z Value Investing Program and Next Gen ESG Investing Program. Both programs provide real capital for students to manage and help them build their professional network in the asset management industry.

We are also co-hosting the SMU-Next Gen ESG Investing Conference coming up in June!

The Endowment believes in the power of investing to move the world forward and we know our next generation is the most important driver in this process. Investing in our next generations’ investor education is investing in our joint future.

Please join us for the livestream award show on May 31.

Register here:

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