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(English version) One World, One Fight! - EP4


An unknown virus broke out in a city of 11million population and a lockdown was imposed overnight… Dr. Wendy Hao volunteered to work on the front line in the fight against the pandemic. Will she be able to treat her patients and win this battle?

One World, One Fight! Is a graphic novel based on Jack Ma Foundation and The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine’s joint publication “Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment”. The graphic novel explains the epidemiology, clinical classifications, treatment, prevention, and many more through an engaging story.

Let’s learn more about the COVID-19 that overturned 2020!

Download PDF:

(English) One World, One Fight ep4
Download PDF • 16.53MB


Since commencing this project in late March, two months have passed in a blink of an eye, and the story is approaching its finale. From interviewing doctors to seeking volunteers and eventually being interviewed by media, through this project, we had the great fortune of meeting and engaging with various people and platforms that we would never have the opportunity to else wise.

Of these, we would like to specially mention some of them - Dr Juan Antonio Prieto Velasco of Universidad Pablo de Olavide. He is the director of the department of translation and interpretation in the university. He saw our graphic novel on social media and volunteered to help us translate One World, One Fight! into Spanish.

He expressed that Graphic novel in the entertainment industry is already mainstream. Especially for superhero comics, such as DC or Marvel, since Marvel cinematics launched one blockbuster after another. However, the public is still unfamiliar with the idea of learning scientific knowledge through graphic novels. His area of research is Graphic Medicine, Graphic Medicine focuses on turning complex medical knowledge into easy to understand images in order to help those not medically trained to understand medical conditions. Especially for patients themselves and their families. COVID-19’s unprecedented scale led to a new public demand for medical knowledge, and he feels that “One World, One Fight!” is an excellent piece that meets this demand.

Our graphic novel has been featured on 13 different Spanish media channels.

(Image from Cordopolis)

Our German volunteers are a couple, Fidelia Hein and David Hein.

During the translation process, they realised there were many differences in how China and Germany approached the pandemic and found these differences interesting. And felt China’s decision to immediately request all citizens to wear masks was the right move. Fidelia will be studying Master of Business Administration at University of Oxford, she believed she learned a lot volunteering for this project.

Our graphic novel was featured on Frankfurt-based newspaper Chinesische Handelszeitung.

One World, One Fight! was also featured on the academic website Graphic Medicine.

We were interviewed by Singapore’s biggest Mandarin channel, Channel 8.

We were also featured by Malaysia's independent radio, BFM89.9

Here is a list of all the platforms One World, One Fight! is featured on:

We are deeply grateful to everyone around the world that had supported and shared One World, One Fight! and recognized the value of sharing and learning from other country’s prevention and treatment experiences. We would also like to thank every donor, volunteer and reader. Thank you for your support, which has allowed this project to reach this point. Please follow us till our final episode (which should be out around 8 June)! And please help to share the graphic novel with your friends and families!

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