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Dr. Wendy's Journey Continues...

When we first published One World, One Fight! - a graphic novel based on Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment - we did not know that even sky is not the limit to this non-profit project.

Up In The Sky Little did we imagined that One World, One Fight! could be made available on planes. Due to fear of importing COVID-19 cases, air travel is still a no-go for many countries. For those who can fly, they are often in constant fear of infection in-flight. Hence, when we noticed that air traffic is recovering in China, we wanted to make sure that everybody remembers how to protect, not only themselves, but their loved ones. Our partner, Juneyao Airlines, kindly accepted our request to hand our graphic novel to passengers in-flight.

Walks In The Mountain Not only is One World, One Fight! in the sky, it is also available in the mountains. We believe that graphic novel is a casual, but effective, way to consume complicated issues and in our view, one of the best learning tools for the younger generation. Many children in the rural parts of China still have limited access to internet and smart phones, hence making it difficult for them to access One World, One Fight! online. With that in mind, we donated 1,000 copies of One World, One Fight! to remote rural schools in Yunnan Province, China.

In The Hands Of Our Healthcare Heroes Doctors around the world have read One World, One Fight! and many of them highly recommended it. For instance, President of the Aragonese Society of Emergency Medicine, Rafa Marron, referred to the graphic novel as "a very valuable material" that "deserves the greatest possible exposure." Additionally, doctors in Chongqing city praised the detailed and informative content of the graphic novel and commented that it is an excellent piece of work that accurately depicted the frontline healthcare workers' experience.

All Around The World One World, One Fight! is also now available in Lehmanns book stores in Germany. You may also purchase it online. And it will be made available in Spain via our publisher SaludArte Ediciones by the end of 2020. In Singapore, we have a few free copies available in Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association. You may also purchase the Singapore version (both Chinese and English) via our website. We continue to use proceeds from commercial sales to support the graphic novel donations to schools and hospitals.

Contact Us We continue to seek partners to help us distribute One World, One Fight! globally. Please contact us at Thank you for your continuous and generous support!

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