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Compounding Curiosity - Shinya Deguchi, Educating Investors Through Manga

Kalani Scarrott from Compounding Curiosity interviews our Co-Founder, Shinya Deguchi, in this exciting podcast episode. Check out the introduction and link to the episode below!


My guest today is Shinya Deguchi. Shinya is the founder of Star Magnolia Capital, a multi-family office and Co-Founder of Gen Z Group. Through Gen Z Group, Gen Z Media creates and promotes educational content (mainly in the medium of graphic novels) in Chinese-speaking regions which is today’s focus.

In today’s conversation, we cover Webtoons and Manga in the context of investor education. It’s a little different but an extremely interesting and exciting topic.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Shinya Deguchi.

Click the following link for the podcast:

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