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Generation Z Investment Club is an intercollegiate student-run investment community that seeks to inspire the next generation of leading investors by equipping members with the right mindset and knowledge for a life-long investor journey.

We operates two programs: 



The Club was founded by a team of investment enthusiasts!


The Club began to offer the Endowment Program which allows members to invest with real money.


The Club began to give out Gen Z Scholarship funded by the endowment performance fees to support students from low-income families to pursue university education and join the Club.


The Club held the first China Summit and launched the ESG Program.



Our members (including alumni) are based in different parts of the world, here is a list of universities they are from:




Asset under management

  • Initial capital of US$50,000 per Chapter 

  • Total AUM over US$200,000


  • Gen Z Value Investing Program ITD (as of Dec 2021) +27.8%

Our universe

  • We invest in companies globally

  • We are sector agnostic



Joseph Chong

I think the program was very well-designed and left enough time to internalise the newly taught materials. Personally, the IYL manga-reading sessions were the highlight of the program as I loved listening to and discussing different ideas with my team and instructors.


Venkataraman Sidhaarth

I think the overall structure was very good and the flow was there. I learnt a lot as someone who doesn’t have much knowledge in this area. The stock pitch was a great way to end it off, letting us look into the other teams thoughts so openly for the first time and also giving us a glimpse into the standards we need to achieve.


ng yuxin.jfif

Ng Yu Xin

I like that the curriculum from week 1 throughout the final week was not only about theory, but also provides some avenues for application (e.g. as the lecturers applied those concepts to real life stocks they were looking at), which helped me better connect how I can tie in those concepts to my own investments. I think that the manga reading session is a refreshing way for us to come together in groups to discuss and learn from each other's investment journeys, thoughts and opinions which were really diverse and is something I enjoy every week - I also started to gain an interest in reading manga as a genre!

Z Club is highly selective and seeks candidates that exhibit unique skill sets, leadership capabilities, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for investing.

Our Gen Z Value Investing Program has start its recruitment for 2022.

Key benefits include:

  • Successful applicants will be sponsored with real money to invest through a long-term lens.

  • Edu-tainment at its best! The Gen Z Value Investing Program incorporates investing webtoons that help to teach valuable investing knowledge, promote healthy discussion as well as inspire thoughtful self-reflection.

  • Access to valuable alumni and professional network.

  • Improved competitive career advantage and employability.


The Program only takes in 10 to 15 students every year, and besides a S$20 application fee and a quarterly membership fee of S$20. To apply, please fill up this FORM.


For more information, you may watch the recording of the introductory webinar HERE.

Contact with any questions.